Beauty Left With A Fist Full of Thorns

Roses are a sign of great beauty but they wither quickly as they are cut off from their source of life. So are we, when we are cut off from our life source, and go through hard times. And all we are left with is a fist full of thorns.

Nate Thorn. Single, Christian guy. Favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast.
I like dark things and find Norse and Celtic mythology interesting. My roots are German, Scotch-Irish, and Swiss. I try to keep an open mind, and be kind to everyone.
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The beauty of broken kids encouraging each other in Christ :)

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EVERYONE is beautiful :) don’t let anyone try tell you different.

you are unique and yourself, there isn’t anyone just like you. Ugly is how people act when they say that you are not.

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Dogs make me so happy

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Medieval architecture, Ireland


Medieval architecture, Ireland